Underwater sound systems 


Plunge into the music... listen to the water

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Music and water make the ideal combination.

Underwater sound relaxes the body and has a positive effect on mood.
Plunged in water, with music stimulating our senses, we become part of this symbiosis and we can experience an unusual pleasure.
Aqson Ltd provides underwater sound systems in swimming pools, right from the initial assessment of the customer’s needs, through professional project management, to the final installation of the best and safest devices available on the market.


Professional projects run by Aqson Ltd are based on a solid foundation. They are built on the firm’s many years' experience and the meticulous scientific research on the field of underwater acoustics, conducted by the scientist and founder of the firm - Daniel Kopec. The results of his work are inspiring certain of Europe's leading universities to conduct of additional research confirming the healing and relaxing influence of musical hydrotherapy on the human body.
Experts recommend this type of therapy to help relaxation and fight depression. There is research about the positive influence of musical hydrotherapy on autistic children and on people with hearing disorders – and underwater sound creates the possibility of listening to music by those with eardrum damage. The positive influence of underwater music on women in pregnancy and on the unborn is well known .


The smooth movements of the mother's body combine with the underwater sounds to facilitate better contact with the child’s surroundings. The waters of the womb transmit music coming from water in the pool better and much more clearly than sound transmitted through the air.
Our experience and long standing presence in the market are guarantees of the highest quality of underwater sound systems in pools at an accessible, competitive price.

That is why we are proud to offer our services to you.



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