Underwater sound systems 


Plunge into the music... listen to the water

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Aqson Ltd ensures the full realization of an underwater sound system - your oasis of relaxation and rest. 
We start from individual assessments with the customer about their musical preferences, needs and way the pool is used. We create several personalized project designs, reflecting your needs, and then – with the highest level of care - we build the devices into the pool. 

Customers can count on our experience and skills in every phase of the project.

We also install additional devices not part of our main product offer. We listen intently to your preferences, and advise when necessary
Our offer contains complex solutions relating to underwater sound systems. 
Every installation is designed with a variety of options, so it can reflect your needs and lifestyle as closely as possible.
All installed devices meet all safety and quality requirements, as is to be expected with world class equipment. 
We guarantee many years' satisfaction of use. 
Every single project is undertaken under by guarantee and with the promise of after-sales service.


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