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Underwater speakers


Aqua 30 is an underwater speaker produced by the Norwegian company DNH. Aqua 30 epitomizes safety of use, perfect acoustic parameters, and pleasing aesthetics. It can be installed in an existing swimming pool.



Electrovoice underwater speakers are among the very best. They were constructed in co-operation with experts in the field of oceanic sound research. 

Units are designed to be built in to the walls of the pool. Therefore, they can ideally complement the arrangement of the pool. Electrovoice has perfect acoustic parameters and safety of use. Recommended for pools under construction. 



Daravoc underwater speakers made by Sun Pride are of high quality at an accessible price. They are a good complement for an underwater sound system. They also provide a complementary acoustic field and a suitable level of sound in the pool. 

We also install loudspeakers not part of our main product offer if a customer so wishes. 



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